The story of Emrok begins with a decision by two tea lovers to show the world that they deserve better.  Better tea mostly, but other things too.

For a long time in Kenya, tea was tea. It comes in a cup, sometimes with milk. Sometimes with sugar, often too much. 

It took a long-distance runner from a country that exports world class tea, to change the quality of tea we drink locally.

The idea took root, as he traveled around the world, running companies – not track and field anymore. He shared this dream with his wife – and together, they made it a reality.

They gathered a few good people on their farm in Nandi Hills- really, the best people from across the world – and convinced them to make the highest quality tea possible, even though everyone said otherwise. 

And so, Emrok was born.

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One of the guiding principles at Emrok is that the people who make and who drink our tea should be proud to be a part of our family. 

So we make good tea for good people. We empower our team through training and education. We do our best to be as green and responsible as possible. So when you see our partnerships and certifications, you can know they’re not just logos. 

And when you drink our tea, you can feel good in more ways than one.



The few good people that Robert & Emily gathered when building the factory share one thing in common; the hunger for solutions. Or, rather, thirst. They wanted to build the most advanced, most automated, most awesome factory and deliver the highest possible quality of tea. Their desire to improve has created a culture of continuous innovation and adaptation. Basically, we want to be better.  The goal is simple, if Emrok tomorrow is better than Emrok today, then we will always be delivering the best tea possible at any given time.

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To understand our farm, it helps to know a little bit about Ogirgir Estate and Nandi Hills. We overlook the Great Rift Valley on a bed of deeply enriched volcanic soil. The weather, the location, and the culture all conspire to produce an amazing leaf.

In addition, we dedicate the best possible resources available to produce the highest possible quality of tea. That’s why we are able to produce a range of teas that are brighter, bolder and better-tasting. But, taste alone has never been enough for us; we want to to surprise and delight. 

So, ‘sip something special’ isn’t just a strap-line; it’s a guide to every decision we make.



Every inch of the 6000 sq. ft factory was designed and engineered to bring the most modern innovations in tea processing and ensure a consistent high-quality product.  

We consider everything from the sourcing of all of our ingredients, the leaves we pick, to the way we receive, wither, blend and pack our product. Every who, what and how that goes behind those functions follow international best practices. 

There is no compromise to be made when producing the best tea for the best consumers.

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