Black Tea Range

There’s a taste of the magic of Keben in every sip of our tea.

Legend has it that the waters that flow through the Keben caves carry unique traits. They say that their slightly bubbly nature hides in it healing qualities and protective powers. They quench the thirst of many and feed the plants that we handpick and select from our gardens, for your refreshment.


With flavors as familiar to Kenyans as the black, red and green of our flag, the Keben range is our nod to tradition.

Keben CTC

The bold flavour and mineral goodness of this tea will add a new dimension to the statement “Black is beautiful.”

Keben Masala

A sweet and spicy blend that you’ll love

Keben Ginger

A blend that warms you up



Enjoy this silky smooth, creamy delicacy and day of the week. Where do I sign up?