There’s a reason tea is second only to water as the most drank beverage in the world. The stuff is just that good. And our tea is the best of it. Our award winning tea is made from the best quality leaf in the Nandi Hills with love. 

Come experience what makes Emrok better.


The original Black Tea you grew up drinking. Only better in every way.

Nandi Royal

Serve this Black Orthodox Tea in a clear glass so you can watch the leaves unfurl.

Mystic Jade

Our legendary Green Tea. Come for the health benefits, stay for the flavour.

Purple Mist

Purple Tea only blooms twice a year, but can be enjoyed all year long.


If you’re thinking it’s too hot outside to enjoy a nice cup of tea, then it’s time to whip up a glass of this supremely satisfying, caramel infused, decadent iced tea.

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Sometimes simplicity is the best recipe for excellence. The goal is to get the finest leaf in its freshest form into your life. So we pluck the best product and continuously iterate and optimize every step from factory to packing to make sure every sip is special – whatever you may want or need from your tea.

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We have a shop! Why have a shop you ask..

 Well because you deserve a place where you can see, touch, smell, taste Emrok Teas. This is your space to play, discover and expand the boundaries of tea drinking and maybe buy some cool gifts. It’s your little corner in a busy world. Come in. Take a break.